Orthoptist Training

Orthoptist Training Programs

There is a limited amount (15) of orthoptic training programs offered in North America; 11 in the US and 4 in Canada. Orthoptic training programs are considered post-graduate studies that require a bachelor’s degree, preferably in the sciences, generally lasting 24 months. The training consists of didactic lectures, starting off with basic eye anatomy, advanced topics in ocular pharmacology and neuro-ophthalmology, hands on training through clinical experience and possibly a clinical project. Orthoptist training programs are competitive to get into, due to the fact that there are only a handful of programs who accept less than 5 people per year.

Cost of Orthoptist Training

The cost of orthoptic training varies depending on the school, but will be in the range of $2,000 to over $5,000 for tuition. There are other expenses including school fees, books and supplies, and registration. The Ross Eye Institute orthoptic training programs require its students to attend one scientific meeting per year, in which the students are responsible for all travel fees and expenses. These extra costs will also vary from program to program.

Orthoptist Training

Orthoptic Training Program Requirements

Orthoptic training programs all have different requirements, but there are some to expect. A bachelor’s degree and a full application are two that need to be completed. With the application, programs may also require official academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal autobiographical statement. An interview is also required if the candidate meets the selection process.

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